PC Whisperer

Relief for the digitally challenged


Don't settle for computer repair services that treat you like a dummy.

Get convenient, professional-grade help at affordable rates from PC Whisperer.

So, you're in need of tech support.

Look, it's not you. You're an intelligent, handsome person with many fine qualities and marketable skills. But the computer isn't computing, and you're at the end of your rope.

Let me swoop in and save the day. With over 15 years of experience working with Windows, Apple devices, and consumer electronicsyou can be assured there is no one better suited to come over and fix your stuff. My mobile tech support services include advising you on What Not To Do with your devices, installing your fancy new electronics correctly and efficiently, or just telling you why your computer is running slow. I do it all with a friendly, down-to-earth attitude, without the "buy more" bias of the local big box retailer, at an incredible low cost to you.

It's gonna be alright. It's just a computer, and I speak computer.

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With hundreds of satisfied clients, PC Whisperer is proud to have provided quality support to home users and small businesses since 2014.