PC Whisperer

Relief for the digitally challenged

My Philosophy of Tech Support

The big box retailers don't care about your computer or you. They care about if you got the warranty, and God help you if it wasn't extended coverage costing half the price of the machine itself. I don't subscribe to the notion that you need to buy insurance to get a good deal on computer repair.

My rate reflects a fair price for the effort and time I spend. I don't jack prices up at the drop of a hat or inflate them artificially above market value, or even charge differently for different services, because your trust is more important to me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your physical location?

Well, right now I'm in front of a computer, typing this. If you're asking where to bring your devices, don't! I'll be glad to come to you, and I'd rather work with your computers in their natural environment.

What is your pricing scheme?

Expect to spend a minimum of $75 for a one hour job. You can get the full breakdown of my typical rates from the Services page (this text links there click on it).

When I book an appointment with you, how long should I expect to be indisposed?

I'm punctual to a fault, so expect me no later than the appointment time, and possibly up to 20 minutes before to get the lay of the land (unless you specify otherwise when you contact me). How long I'll be there depends on the nature of the appointment, but most issues are resolved within 1-2 hours.