PC Whisperer

Relief for the digitally challenged

New device or broken machine?

I'll set up game consoles too!

If it's new...

I'll set it up and get it working, whether it's a computer, tablet, game console, printer/scanner, or home theater system.

Ok, hopefully your problem isn't this bad but you get the picture

If it's broken...

I'll identify the issue and use every trick in the book to fix it. This includes access to my custom service drive, containing a hand-curated selection of software chosen by me, designed to get your device back up and running in no time flat.

All about the Jacksons (three of them)

Whatever the issue, my rate is great!

I charge eminently reasonable rates starting at just $60 per hour to come out to your home and provide first-class tech support. Compare to Geek Squad and Staples which charge over $100, depending on service, and require you to bring the device in-store.