PC Whisperer

Relief for the digitally challenged

New device or broken machine?

If it's new...

I'll set it up and get it working, whether it's a computer, tablet, game console, printer/scanner, or home theater system.

If it's broken...

I'll identify the issue and use every trick in the book to fix it. This includes access to my custom service drive, containing a hand-curated selection of software chosen by me, designed to get your device back up and running in no time flat.

Whatever the issue, my rate is great!

I charge eminently reasonable rates starting at just $75 for an hour to of in-home, first-class tech support. Compare to Geek Squad and Staples which charge over $100, depending on service, and require you to bring the device in-store.

Need more time?
Additional time past the first hour is billed in 20-minute increments costing $25 each. It's the same rate, but broken up into more easily digestible chunks.