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I never would have been able to figure this out on my own. You truly are a Computer Whisperer!
Bryant W.

Alex is awesome! He fixed my sons computer many times. The last time he was over he installed a new graphics card, which had to be tweaked to make it work! I can't recommend him enough! Very professional, courteous and reasonable! We will be using him again.
Thank you Alex!
Hayley N.

Alex Greene is remarkably talented.  He shows up exactly when he says we will be here.  I worked for the better part of two days in efforts to transfer my contacts from my Desktop PC to my I-Pad.  As a referral from a trusted friend, Alex showed up and inside of 15 minutes, he had completed the copy of all contacts and in the appropriate format.  I hope to use him for all of my future requests.  I can't thank you enough for your help, and just hope that you will be in the area in this capacity for many years to come.  Thank you Alex for your help and trustworthiness.
Donald M.

Alex is the master when it comes to saving your computer. He's always on time and easy to get a hold of. Courteous and extremely fast. Not like other techs that drag out your appointment for their hourly rate. Alex is fair and should be your first contact when your PC decides to give your grief! If Alex can't fix it...chances are it can't be fixed. I highly recommend his services to everyone that wants a great deal and a competent person handling your PC! Thanks Alex!
Lisa A.

I have utilized Mr. Greene's computer skills on two occasions about 1 year apart. Both times he quickly fixed the computer problems on a laptop and a PC and his service costs were reasonable. I will call him again if I have a computer problem.
Loren S.

Alex has done a great job solving our computer and software problems. He is very competent, fast and meticulous - all at a fair price. He is professional, polite, and very patient.  We consider him a great computer and software resource.
Paul R.

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